made in the USA

multiple padlock gate locks

                  Shared Access Locks Inc. has been designing and making gate locks for eleven years.

Our locks can be found throughout the USA and many foreign countries.

Our customers include Airports, Power Companies, Schools, Universities, 

Ranches, Water Departments, Sheriff Departments, Navy, Air force,

Homeland Security, Army Corp of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management,

Bureau of Reclamation, Parks and Recreation, Wind Farms, 

Communication Towers, Gas Companies, Oil Companies,

Solar Companies, Phone Companies, Storage yards, Cities &Towns.

      phone: 970-586-9477


- Can be used with any gate. Requires a 3/8 inch chain -

            - Available in 2,4,6 & 8 padlock space -

- For use with a single or double swing gate -

    - Available in 2,4,6 & 8 padlock space -

- For use on tube gates, accepts four padlocks -

     - Most economical device in the market -

- Allows control to activate, deactivate or tag out a space -

     - Can be set to use just one or up to six padlocks -

                          - 100% Stainless Steel -



PATENT 6,857,299

PATENT 7,503,194